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Crosswalk Ministries

An unconventional church boasts a fresh way of doing youth ministry. All our children attend Sunday Service with their parents and friends, where they are encouraged to participate in various ways. They may also be given a brief charge by one of Crossway’s many teachers. (Parents usually listen in to give the “Amen!”) Topics of discussion range widely, because kids today have got a lot of issues ;-o


Beyond that, Crosswalk—Jr. High & High School ages together for now—meets on a semi-regular basis to enjoy what it means to be young and alive unto God. These gatherings usually revolve around a certain activity. We may enjoy a Sunday afternoon at the river, or “get stupid” on a bike ride, or play laser tag down in Sac, or float the Truckee, or go night skiing. Just about anything is fair game. Of course, there is almost always a time of teaching from God’s word as well.


Three to four times a year our youth go on weekend retreats. We camp in the spring, backpack in the summer, houseboat in the fall, and hibernate somewhere in the winter. These are special times of strengthening in the Lord and bonding between friends, and are always packed with adventure.


Check the windows below for a sample of what we’ve been up to more recently. In all, we hope our children grow up with the understanding that they too are a part of the body of Christ with increasing responsibilities to it.

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